Miss Wit Designs Live Holiday Markets 2010


*Saturday Dec 4, 2010  11am to 5pm

The Park Slope PS 321 PTA 19th Annual Craft Fair

180 Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

** Saturday Dec. 4, 2010 8pm
Barbes 376 9th Street, Park Slope 
Miss Wit Designs and Park Slope's Premeire World Music Venue Barbes (www.barbesbrooklyn.com)
Host a free screening of SOUL POWER, a vivacious documentary chronicling
the greatest concert you never saw - ZAIRE '74  
 with director Jeffrey Levy-HInte
Miss Wit will be selling hats and tees doning the original concert logo as well as the DVD and Blu-Ray

**Thursday Dec. 9   12pm to 8:30pm Mind Body Soul Holiday Market  

Join members of the wellness, health, and artisan community at this special event!

**Saturday and Sunday Dec. 11 & 12  Miss Wit Returns to Smith Street!

In Pop Up form! Join us and 4 other local vendors at the 

Arts Cetera Holiday Weekend Pop Ups!

212 Smith Street, Brooklyn www.artscetera.com 

**Also Saturday Dec. 11 South Slope PS 10 Holiday Craft Fair

We'll be sharing a spot with our pal and designer extraordinaire Lara Kazan Designs 

Don’t miss the South Slope Holiday Craft Fair on Saturday, December 11th from 11 AM to 5 PM at 511 Seventh Avenue between 17th Street and Prospect Avenue. Check out our amazing group of artists/venders at www.southslopecraftfair.com

Wrap up with.....
** Sat
urday and Sunday Dec. 18/19 The BK Craft Central Annual Holiday Market in 2 Great  Brooklyn Locations!

TWO Great Venues, One Borough. Infinite Dreamsg
Lttlefield Art & Performance Space AND Textile Arts Center  www.bkcraftcentral.com/  
Miss Wit will be @ Littlefield Art Space 

Tag You're It

We're just wild about mobile tags we made a tag out of it!

Introducing Customer Branded Merchandise Shops!

You made your tees with us, now why not let us sell 'em for you, while you do what you really do. Introducing a new "added value" option for our custom design customers. Sell 'em with us!

Our first shop is up - Check Out Unison Fetish - a local NYC Dance Group aka the Cupcake Cadet, sell their adorably delicious mascot tees.
This could be you or your organization!

Unison Fetish will be performing their CupCake Corp this September in New York City, check out their dates here

Lincoln Center Out of Doors 40th Anniversary Staff Tees

What a summer it has been, hot, sweaty and full of music and massive dancing this year at Lincoln Center Out of Doors. This, their 40th year!!
We were privileged to print their tees the second year in a row....some "behind the scenes" documentation.

First layer

Some chick printing :)


Final check

The final product, and the "Miss's" hand

Shame On Arizona

We are embarrassed by supporters of the draconian, hate mongering, SB 1070 

Tees Left on the Chopping Room Floor Poll

When a celeb goes crazy, Miss Wit is general there....

So naturally upon hearing about our not so favorite "celeb" Mel Gibson's rants, we felt it was our duty to step up to the pop-cultural plate.   We created a t-shirt design - that we thought was kind of funny, ya know.  But upon further thinking we realized, Mel is such a hateful person, gross on so many levels.  His foibles are laced more in despicable hateful behavior and views, ( if we may judge seriously for a moment) that we figured, would any want this guys mug on their chest?    Furthermore we have far too much respect for the Vuvuzela, to have insulted it quite this way!!
So - we present the design that never made it to the silkscreening plate...

For your unabashed *judgement...
What do you think? Would you wear this? Poll to the right....

Copyright BoltCutter & MissWit 

What Color is Your Continent? Idlewild Books Totes for Sale!

Miss Wit truly gets a rush when those long obsession sessions over color, item, sizing etc. finally come to fruition...and we go to print!!!

Custom Printing Client Highlight!

Our pals over at Idlewild Books (New York's ONLY all travel related bookstore!) knew what they wanted. Totes! Dope Totes! Daunted by the choices - we finally said, listen  "let momma take care of it."  We worked together of course, but the Miss eased the process to accommodate their sophisticated palate (if you will).

The first ever, hot off the presses Idlewild Books Totes: Printing Process.
Side One....
Get yours next week and be sure to say "Hey David - that's a classy dope tote!"

12 West 19th Street

Custom Sticker Makers Gets Us

Wow. Fer realz, we are moved by this thoughtful piece on Miss Wit, from our favorite sticker makers, the CUSTOM STICKER MAKERS  Thank you...the tear in our remains! 

 Wit Will Bring It: Smart Branding to a T

Miss Wit (a.k.a. Deborah Goldstein) seems to have a knack for, in her words, “hitting the zeitgeist on a whim and prayer.” It started back March of 2003, when she made a few shirts for friends with the simple statement: "And I want to thank Harvey Weinstein," as a joke. The shirt was on display for just one day in a Brooklyn boutique, but a reporter from The New York Observer happened to observe it. The shirt was subsequently featured on E! News Live, The New York Post and CNBC. Some wit, a good name and a domain, and thus was Miss Wit born.
There are a whole lot of smart and sassy t-shirt designs available through her website, but the best shirt the Brooklyn-based Ms. Goldstein has to offer may be your own. That’s right: her “underground branding brigade” stands ready to turn its quick wit and graphic skills to your business or nonprofit t-shirt design. (They’ll handle getting them printed, too.)

As connoisseurs of great branding, we’re big fans of Miss Wit. Anyone who has ever tried advertising on a t-shirt understands (or found out the hard way) that it’s not about slapping your logo on a shirt, it’s about making a shirt that people actually want to wear. By offering grassroots organizers and entrepreneurs the kind of creative services normally associated with the big, expense halls of a professional advertising agency, Miss Wit offers smart branding for everyone.

As far as custom stickers go, Miss Wit includes them in every shipment, as well as on her bags at fairs, festivals and markets. And don’t tell anyone, but she also does a "stick up" whenever she can, be it on bathroom walls or street posts. She also reports that small children love her stickers so much they stick them directly on their faces.

Why Custom Sticker Makers, oh, Miss Wit? “So far,” said Goldstein, “price, quality and great timing!”

Special Eyes

We have no association to 1800contacts, or the makers of this commercial ( we do wear contacts and have special eyes) but this commercial for reasons known and unknown, cracks Miss Wit up!

Miss Wit Out of Hibernation

Here comes the sun.....doo doo doooo

This weekend the Miss is bustin' out the old Chinatown bags and settin' up shop back to her Brooklyn roots. That is to say, Smith Street, where little Miss was, ehem, conceived back in March 2003,  before "indie" was in, back when "the flea" conjured thoughts of creepy crawlers.  Nostalgia. Once an empty lot, no more.

Come say hi to moi- at the 
Brooklyn Indie Market on Smith Street 
@ Union St. Brooklyn
Sat April 24 and Sun April 25
Under the red and white tent, across from the Fall Cafe 
(where many a grad school paper was written, and t-shirt ideas developed!)

Some things you'll find this weekend 

And Miss Wit will be back out in full glorified force
Sat May 1 and Sun May 2
for the Food, Craft and Workshop  Extravaganza
the Brooklyn Lyceum
227 4th Avenue @ Union
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Tuesday May 20
Book Launch Party @ the Chelsea Market 
Author of Markets of New York City - Guide
By Author and Blogger Karen Seiger

Miss Wit is one of 5 featured vendors at this Manhattan Book Launch 
of Markets of New York City - A Guide
The Chelsea Market


Sat May 22 one of the featured designers 
Celebrate Handmade Brooklyn with Markets of New York City 
at the Brooklyn Indie Market
Hosted by Karen Seiger 
Follow her on Twitter 

Markets Of New York City Guidebook

And for updates and deets

Reverse Mohawk Anyone? Limited Edition Tees

Introducing, another fun collaboration with Brooklyn Based artist Christina Mazzalupo who just closed up a month long exhibit at Mixed Greens Gallery in NYC.

This time XT (as those who adore her get to call her) takes her skillful chart making abilities to the realm of the funnies.
Hair, even as it may disappear from your head,
is one of the most "evolve-alutionary" forms of expression a human can have.

The finest form of self expression an eight part study.   
Types of Hairstyles
Available LIVE from Miss Wit at these fine Outpost Locations - and coming oh so soon, on our new and improved site! ( So close, so close). Until then - get off your bum NY - and get them here!

Available:  The Brooklyn Indie Market on Smith & Unioin
Miss Wit returns to the street of her conception - Smith Street!
Sat and Sun April 24 and 25


Brooklyn Lyceum Food & Craft and Workshop Market
Sat and Sun May 1 and 2
Shop for mom, learn how to make ginger beer!!

No Matter How You Take It

A home is a home.

Kudos to the strength, persistence and steadfast advocates for justice:
The remaining displaced of the Atlantic Yards ground taking...

Home: 38 Sixth Avenue, Barclays Center Arena Footprint

This mural is at 38 6th Avenue. The home would be demolished to build Mikhail Prokhorov's and Bruce Ratner's Barclays Center arena. Its residents would be displaced for that money-losing arena proposed to be built in the middle of a housing crisis.

There are paint markers at Freddy's Bar and Backroom for others to add thoughts, names, or whatever else as illustrated below:

Replies We Love

Miss Wit loves connecting with her customers.  Every now and then we get some lovely responses and anecdotes of how she "was found." Not "found" like saved, but how the customer got to her or what they think.  Here are a few of our faves:
  • This T-shirt aligns with my tastes and values.
  • Found your site in a completely random fashion.
    Thinking process went like this: need a training-t-shirt....a bit of nostalgia: what about one of those 80s hardcore bands I used to listen to?... search....nothiing.... Black Flag t-shirts unavailable.... google link (about 10 down) - your site.... loved it immediately....nostalgia mixed with a bit of knowing humor and a strong graphic.

    Perfect.  Please source more of these!
  • I recently went to an outdoor music festival in Melbourne (Australia) and I saw someone wearing your Black Flag/ Beach Boys T-shirt! I pointed it out to my boyfriend, he laughed and loved it! I had to try and find it for him. I just found you through Google. You were the first result to come up. Too easy! ;-)

    I'm really looking forward to receiving it and surprising him!
  • I found your site via seeing a picture of the beach boys/black flag shirt in a publicity photo fo r the band "the pains of being pure at heart", falling in love with it, then google searching "beach boys black flag shirt". Thanks!
  •  once you've clicked there's no turning back.
  • Saw someone wearing one and asked where they purchased it. Said WMFU record fair and I started googling...
  • Everyone thought it kicks ass!

  • Saw a pic of a friend of mine in Berlin with the tee, googled it and found your store. That simple :)
  • My band played a show last night with another band  whose bassist was wearing that shirt. I decided to bite his style.
  • Before the order is complete:  Great news. I hope i will not regreat to not order the vintage one... 
  • Upon receiving the order: i received the T-shirt today. All it's perfect. Thanks.
  • You ripper !!
  • the shirt arrived today, just like you said it would! 
  • I'm looking forward to showing off the beach boys mashup shirt, which sadly noone of my friends will get :)
  • Rad. You should offer it in white ink on black. I wanted the venn diagram shirt but it looks cheap on white { actually not a white shirt but ok}. If you did it on a grey or black you'd get more orders. (Gee thanks buddy, we'll be sure to do the opposite of your advice more often!)
  • You are wise beyond your years ma'am.  
Don't ever forget it!

Miss Wit 

We're All A Dorothy! This Weekend NYC becomes Emerald City

A magnet that adorns the Miss's Fridge.

This Weekend At Joe's Pub in New York City
Follow the Pot Holed Road....to Glitter Glamour and Fun!

From the folks who have brought over 12 years of the kind of dance 
a gal can get behind,.. This Friday to Sat March 19 and 20
our friends over at DanceNow NYC Present:

Thursday, March 18 at 7:30 PM, Friday, March 19th, at 8:00 PM, Saturday, March 20th at 9:30 PM
A nonstop binge of attitude, high-energy stepping, & freewheeling virtuosity.” – Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

Dancenow [NYC] presents Nicholas Leichter dance’s new The Whiz: Emerald City, the Wizard of Oz for the Obama generation, as a part of the Spring 2010 Dancemopolitan series. After the inspired debut of You Can't Win Brand New Day Medley at the 2009 Dancemopolitan Modern [Dance] Musical series, dancenow invited Nicholas Leichter and Monstah Black to expand their piece into a full-evening work. Using music reconstructed from The Wiz and some added selections, THE WHIZ re-magines New York’s underground communities through song, dance, and Prince-esque extravaganzardry. Leichter will choreograph and perform with his company of eight dancers; while Black reconstructs and performs the score live.

The Oz of Leichter and Black references the film characters, but is a reflection on 21st-century New York in movement and melody rather than musical-theater homage. Various themes appear throughout the 70-minute work with an array of different styles—house, funk, postmodern, drag, hip-hop, contemporary, and psychedelic—which traverse a landscape of hopes, fears, and dreams.

Spring is Coming, Catch the Wave of Cotton

* Note background image is from photo Miss Wit took back in the colder days of October - the illustrious "WaveField" created by Maya Lin at Storm King 

GroundTAKING DAY: A Sad Surreal Day in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Pride for celebrating the thievery and grazing of a neighborhood?  Wha?
Shame on Bloomberg (the richest man in NYC!). Quadruple Shame on Marty Markowitz (we expect this crap from Bloomberg, but Markowitz was once a housing advocate, who has thrown his borough under the bus) Paterson (well, he is just a deer in headlights).

Today's GroundTAKING in Brooklyn is nothing short of a disgrace. These politicians, rap stars, union workers and more - celebrating:
displacement, harassment, gag orders, the demise of a democratic process, deplorable dividing of neighborhoods, lies, greed, false promises, transparent, strategic partnering and buying out of so called community groups....where to end?
The pride of this project, any potential "good" it might have ever been perceived to have - is tarnished by years of corruption, insincerity, back room deals, childish mob mentality... where to end?  The foundation of this project will be built on "root shock."   Human decency, where is ye?

Brooklyn is pretending to be owned by Ratner (A wealthy developer who lives in the richest district of Manhattan), Barclays (A British Bank) and a Russian Oligarch (Wha?) - Brooklyn Pride??!

Miss Wit is ANGRY and SAD.

These fat cats can afford to come out in the middle of the day.  We know not everyone else can...but if you can...join us at Freddy's at 12:30

March 11: Two Groundbreakings to Protest Ratner's Boondoggle Ceremony

The many smug faces of Atlantic Yards

THIS IS THE MOMENT to express your anger and outrage:

Thursday, March 11. 12:30pm
What: Two Groundbreakings to Protest Ratner's Boondoggle Ceremony

Who: Three foot tall bobblehead Bloomberg, Markowitz, Pataki, Spitzer, Paterson, Schumer, Cuomo, Prokhorov and Ratner
Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn

Where: Outside of Freddy's Bar, 485 Dean Street (corner of 6th Avenue)
When: Thursday, March 11. 12:30pm SHARP
Project opponents should gather at Freddy's to start the protest at 1pm. 


It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World Protest

At a time when many many folks including New Yorkers and Brooklynites are raising money to help one of the poorest countries in the world, Haiti, rebuild their homes and their lives,  here in New York, we're tearing down buildings, grazing neighborhoods for the benefit of a few deep corrupt pockets.  Miss Wit has trouble wrapping her head around it.

As some Brooklyn followers may know, Monday the state agency known as the
 The Empire State Development Corporation, was granted through a state judge the right to seize property from 12 private landowners, to make way for Bruce Ratner's 4.9 Billionaire Net's Arena and High Rise Towers. (read all about it www.nolandgrab.org)  One of those homes was *Miss Wit's brother's.  For that and lots of other reasons, she's pissed!

If ever there was a time to come to show some solidarity, anger, some vocal chords, this is it. The Miss knows it's hard to pull away on a Thursday in the middle of the day, but she's asking you to try!bNothing can be done to save this property - but to see bobble heads and fat cats like Markowitz and Ratner, and 

I'm going to guess Bloomberg, stand by and literally revel in the taking, is nothing short of sad and despicable.   
Is that really the 
"Brooklyn Style" this project means to project?
Take a long lunch?  Take a break from the Web. Whatever it is.

Join Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn to Protest and Drown Out the 

Barclays/Ratner Boondoggle Ceremonial Groundbreaking

Thursday, March 11. Reportedly 1:30pm
Exact location (in the project footprint) yet to be determined...stay tuned.

Next Thursday, March 11th, Forest City Ratner will stage a “groundbreaking ceremony” for the money-losing Barclays Center Arena. We presume it will take place in the Atlantic Yards project site though we do not yet know exactly where. We also presume they will do all they can to keep Brooklynites away from the site and limit our free speech. We are working on that.

Note there will be no groundbreaking for any "affordable housing" and the Barclays Billion Dollar Boondoggle will not house a single Brooklynite.

The ceremony of dirt shoveling politicians will signify the start of prepping to eventually build an arena, not the promised affordable housing Bruce Ratner still claims he is going to build. It is a ceremony to celebrate a money-losing arena and at least 25 years of blight and interim surface parking where a neighborhood once stood.

is a classic bait and switch.

*Here is what Miss Wit's alter-ego has to say:

My position against this project exists far beyond my personal connection.  However, being up close, the things I have learned over these past 6 years have been mind-boggling, heartening, disheartening, unbelievable, believable and down right wacked.  I've met many incredible people and witnessed some really rotten ones, in situations that would make your skin crawl, and sometimes even make me mouth off to some seriously big scary dudes. (I'm not so proud).   It has challenged many things that I thought I believed in about community, development, unions, organizing, lying, truth telling, snow jobs, etc.   I've witnessed complete strangers vilify the people I know and love.   Through the adversity of fighting, good things surely did happen. 

On a personal level I watched someone emerge from "average citizen" into a public speaker (and therefor a target for ridicule I suppose), an activist, a publicist, and actually an amazingly calm person given the crap he has dealt with on a daily and nightly basis.  He met his wife, which gave me a sister in law and more and I now have the cutest most joyful love of a niece around.  But that does not substitute for the fact that this land grab, the taking of one's home, the dividing of a community, for a sports arena and a project designed on transparent myths, is nothing short of wrong.  I struggle to find any lesson that would work to tell any child.   Nothing I ever practiced or learned in union organizing, social work or community organizing, ever called for this kind of grazing to reach progress, jobs, and definitely not affordable housing.   Personal or not, I'm pissed!  

I hope Ratner follows through on his word, and builds affordable housing. I hope this project does not really become the "I told you so" that it so feels like it will be.  But I am doubtful, and so much has been lost, tainted driven away and destroyed to get there.  I believe humans can and could have done better than this.

However, even if one believes the use of eminent domain, and this project is right - is it really "Brooklyn Style" to take such joy in the bulldozing of one's home and neighborhood?

"Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, cheered the decision as paving the way for the first professional sports team in the borough in 53 years."  http://www.metro.us/us/article/2010/03/02/03/3344-82/index.xml


This is why we ask you to join us this Thursday first at our Groundbreaking to Bury the Soul of Brooklyn, then to loudly protest Ratner’s/Bloomberg's/Markowitz's/Paterson's/Prokhorov's “groundbreaking."

Mr. Ratner apparently doesn’t know Brooklyn very well.

Because by now, he ought to know that Brooklynites are mad, very mad, about his project.

We’re mad that a top-down, developer-driven, Big Brother-style project has been billed as “involving the community.”

We’re mad that our city laws have been overridden and our democratic city land use review process has been bypassed and subverted.

We’re mad that billions of dollars that belong to taxpayers will be wasted on a folly whose prime beneficiary will be Bruce Ratner.

We’re mad that the unelected, unaccountable Empire State Development Corporation has abused eminent domain for the benefit of a private real-estate project.

We’re mad that 22 acres at the heart of Brooklyn, including city streets, private homes and businesses, and publicly owned land are being given to Ratner in a no-bid, no-vote deal, granting him a land monoply at the Borough's crossroads.

We’re mad that publicly owned land is being awarded to the lowest bidder, in a faux bidding process, by the unelected, unaccountable Metropolitan Transportation Association, the same MTA that has neglected to properly maintain the Vanderbilt Railyards so Bruce Ratner can claim “blight.”

We’re mad that public money is being wasted on a frivolous, money-losing arena while public transportation, schools, infrastructure and social services go wanting.

We’re mad that our own elected representatives, like Tish James and Velmanette Montgomery, have been ignored by the powerbrokers in Albany and City Hall who try to hide their cronyism by saying that they know what’s best for Brooklyn.

We’re mad that for all the phony Brooklyn and Dodgers nostalgia pushed by Bruce Ratner and his supporters, the naming rights for the arena have been sold to a British bank with a sordid past – while Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov and Bruce Ratner pocket all the money.

We’re mad that a project that will do nothing but cause blight has been falsely sold as blight removal.

We’re mad that public streets are being closed and discredited superblock designs are taking their place.

We’re mad that Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Paterson have continued to keep their head in the sand about this boondoggle.

We’re mad that the ESDC railroaded through a sham environmental review, ignoring comments from thousands of citizens and telling Brooklyn residents that we’ll just have to deal with the project’s many unmitigable adverse impacts.

We’re mad that Bruce Ratner has told us that his out of scale, out of character project is what’s best for Brooklyn, when we know much better.

We’re mad that Bruce Ratner and his political supporters have exploited the housing crisis in New York City to sell the public a project that will cause instant gentrification (if it is ever built) and cause the displacement of thousands of lower-income residents, while never fulfilling its affordable housing promises.

And on and on and Etc.

It is greatly important for all those who oppose Atlantic Yards and its abuses, whether you have been involved in the fight against the project to any degree or not at all, to come out to this protest and demonstration.

Let the political dignitaries who have allowed this corrupt project to proceed hear and know of your opposition and anger.

Let them know that they are not getting away with this unnoticed. Let them know that WE, the people, are angry and watching…. very closely.
If you, too, are mad about this miscarriage of justice and abuse of our political system, taxpayer dollars, about this irresponsible, unsustainable boondoggle, about this Land Grab, join us this Thursday from 12:30 onward to express your anger.Bring your signs, slogans, posters, effigies and noisemakers—drum, horn, trumpet, kazoo, a pot, a whistle—make some noise, and let Bruce Ratner and his political cronies know that Brooklyn is mad as hell, and we’re not taking it sitting down or quietly.

(More to come as details emerge about the event. Please check back at  
www.dddb.net/upcoming for more details on precise locations for the two groundbreakings.)