A night with Boys...

The Beach Boys that is...
Thanks Mark...sound man all around "sound, man."

St. George Theater, Staten Island ( yes that island)

Miss Wit and friends....

Dreamweaver version...

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The Super Duper Committee is now in session.....

And we're making up our own math! 
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Get your list and demands in order.  
Let there be no sparring!
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Chronicle of Some Random Mornings

10:22 am...and she's already spilled milk twice today. But Miss Wit will not cry over this!  Oh no..

Third Annual Fab Fall into Action

Miss Wit has been on a bit of hiatus - but catch us like the wind at the Third Annual Fourth Arts Block Cultural District Block Party.

Wears, Theater, Dance, Food, Crafts, Workshops, Down home Down Town East Village Culture.

Saturday September 24, 2011


We Get Around

All over town down on to Australia, Germany, England, New Zealand and Japan! we've heard of sitings of this "musical phenom tee" It's wild!  And now, that's right that's heart throb to the little Miss circa 1984 as  Blackie Parrish on beloved General Hospital, John Stamos, wearing the Beach Boys mash up tee as he tours as drummer with... the Beach Boys.  We sent some tees to our lovely new touring sound man friend and apparently they dig.  Humbled as always.

John Stamos on drums in his Mash Up Tee misswit.net

And the word from our new Beach Boy sound man :) friend is that the screenwriter for a new Beach Boys movie likes to wear the "Beach Boys Early Song Topics" Venn Diagram tee, originally created by illustrator Dan Meth, for inspiration!  That makes our day!

Starting to Defrost

It's coming soon....a gorgeous venue, a gorgeous poster....
a fun day is coming soon....

Brooklyn Craft Central's Shop the Archway
Dumbo, Brooklyn Saturday May 21, 2011


Starting to Defrost

It's coming soon....a gorgeous venue, a gorgeous poster....
a fun day is coming soon....

Brooklyn Craft Central's Shop the Archway
Dumbo, Brooklyn Saturday May 21, 2011


When Jones, and Steinem and Shifman Call - We Bling to Action!

When a gal gets a call, and a text, and an email, and a Facebook email from  Novo FoundationsDirector of Initiatives for Women and Girls Pamela Shifman and Tony Award® winning playwright, poet, actor and activist, Sarah Jones - about a "great t-shirt idea, involving a Gloria Steinem quote" we jump on out of our winter slumber!

Click to enlarge All tees come with this tag.

What? It involves rhinestones too? 
HELLO! We're in!
What? Proceeds** from said shirt idea realized will be donated to
organizations working to empower women, and  put an end to
sex trafficking, and exploitation? 
Ah.. Yes??!!

Miss Wit is pleased and humbled to announce, on behalf of Sarah Jones' upcoming performances, at the home of her ground-breaking career's start - The Nuyorican Cafe -
a bedazzled new rhinestone studded long sleeve shirt (the recreation of a gift from Gloria to Sarah) and a shimmering metallic printed USA made t-shirt that dons the ground breaking quote by the one and only Gloria Steinem:

Eroticize Equality. 

“What has been eroticized by male dominant systems of all kinds is dominance and passivity; we need to eroticize equality,” she argues. “I always say to audiences of men, ‘Cooperation beats submission.’ Trust me.”  

 Like "Bella" just one of the new characters you will meet at Sarah Jones' 14 performance run at the Nuyorican Cafe starting Monday January 17, 2011 - you too can now wear this statement tee, get all sassy, and learn about and help bring to the forefront the issues of sexual exploitation and the efforts we all can take to put an end to these inequalities around the world. 

Available Exclusively at
Sarah Jones' 
New Year, Nuyorican 
@ Nuyorican Cafe
Performances in NYC
Starting Monday January 17, 2011
Ticket Purchase & Dates :

Tees and Long Sleeve Shirts  will be for sale after all performances.
All proceeds after costs, from the sale of these shirts will be donated to the following organizations:
**Please visit them to learn more!

Tri-blend Tees: $25  Long Sleeve Tri-blend Rhinestone Shirts: $60
**Cash Only

Apne Aap  www.apneaap.org
Every Woman Free, Every Child in School
An initiative to end sex -trafficking

Equality Now www.equalitynow.org
Works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world

Gems Girls Educational and Mentoring www.Gems-Girls.org
Girls Educational and Mentoring Services’ (GEMS) mission is to empower young women, ages 12-21, who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking to exit the commercial sex industry and develop to their full potential.

Back in November Sarah did a little “Giving Thanks”-themed evening at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe to show her appreciation for all your support since she started there. Sarah (and her characters!) loved hanging out with everyone so much that ‘they’ have added new dates in January and February (and are calling it “New Year, Nuyorican”) to ring in 2011.
These performances will include some of the multicultural characters you’ll know if you saw Bridge & Tunnel, and some characters brand new to the stage. There will be material in development, improv, plus intimate Q&A with the lovely audience! Special guests may stop by among other surprises: the show will change from night to night.
Please check out Sarah’s calendar at to see the dates and purchase tickets. General admission is $20. Student tickets available night of the show with student ID for $12. All shows begin at 8pm.
Happy New Year!
Every show at 8pm.
Tickets $20 in advance and at the door
$12 with student ID the day of the performance
Info: 212.505.8183
Tickets: 212.780.9386
14 performances:
Monday, January 17
Tuesday, January 18
Friday, January 21
Sunday, January 23
Monday, January 24
Friday, January 28
Saturday, January 29
Tuesday, February 1
Friday, February 4
Monday, February 7
Friday, February 11
Monday, February 14
Tuesday, February 15
Monday, February 28