Quiz Master Escapes Brooklyn, Lands in Queens. One Night Only

This Tuesday: yours truly and a handful of others invite you to attend a FUNdraiser for NYC District 22 LIC /Astoria City Council Candidate Lynne Serpe.

Below from our Quiz Master Scott Turner - in his own words why you need to be here.

Miss Wit's favorite top reason "You know that try as he might, Mike Bloomberg can never, ever buy a Rocky Sullivan's Pub Quiz championship"

Greetings, Pub Quiz Habit Breakers...

For one night, and one night only, I'll be hosting a quiz  in Long Island City -- this Tuesday, August 25th, 7pm, at The Creek.

There's gotta be a good reason to get me and my trunk of Quizzy Goodness out of Rocky's, out of Brooklyn, and out of a Thursday night.  And there is!  It's a benefit for Lynne Serpe, who's running for New York City Council, District 22, Long Island City/Astoria.

Serpe For Council

Lynne's a great candidate, a Green Party stalwart, and has an excellent shot at unseating the district's long-time incumbent.

For any of the following reasons, it's a great idea to come out to Lynne's Quiz this Tuesday:
  • You like a candidate that energy-efficient, affordable housing; good, green jobs and thriving small businesses;  a safe, affordable and accessible transportation network; more parks and green spaces, including community gardens which provide access to healthy food; is the only candidate in the race openly supporting gay marriage, and thinks pub quizzes make for excellent campaign events;
  • You've been meaning to check out Rocky's Quiz and now here's a special night in Long Island City you can make straight from work in Manhattan;
  • You know more about Queens, progressive politics, and the rest of what passes for "General Knowledge" than anyone else -- and you're just dyin' to prove it;
  • You wish Scott M.X. Turner did two quizzes a week;
  • Happy Hour is 9-10pm (event is from 7-10pm), and the drink specials are 1/2 price margaritas (or 2 for 1 depending how you look at it), $2 off drinks, and a special Mojito for the evening;
  • You need something to lift you out of your can't-swim-at-the-beach-because-of-Hurricane-Bill funk;
  • You know that try as he might, Mike Bloomberg can never, ever buy a Rocky Sullivan's Pub Quiz championship;
  • You'll go anywhere in this city for the chance to win a free drink
...then you should come out to The Creek this Tuesday, 7pm.

I'll be back at Rocky's for our regularly-scheduled Rocky Sullivan's Pub Quiz this Thursday.  No mistaking that.


Here's the scoop from the Serpe for Council campaign:

Yes! It's a Quiz Night with the one and only Lynne Serpe. 

Our friend and Rocky Sullivan's Quizmaster, Scott M.X. Turner, will be teasing out brains and testing our knowledge. 

In addition, come for our lovely hosts! They include: Craig Bernardini, Deb Goldstein, Eddie Hernandez, Jon Klar, Julia Corwin, Karen Overton, Leigh Woods, Mike Heffron, Milton Puryear, Marin Tockman, Tanya Radford, Taryn Cuhna.

Get ready and go! No need to study. Hint - general knowledge of movies, music will be helpful! Find out what Lynne thinks about transportation policy, mojitos, and other potpourri.


Donations from NYC residents between $10-$175 are matched 6:1 by NYC Campaign Finance. So your $50 becomes $350 for the campaign just like that! 

Donations of $20/$35 Dynasty Buster* /$50/$100/$175 accepted.

Date: Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
Time: 7:00 - 10:00PM
Where: The Creek, 10-93 Jackson Ave (at 11th St)
Directions - 10-93 Jackson Ave between 49th Ave and 11th Street. It's facing the mouth of the Pulaski Bridge.  By Subway it's the 7 to Vernon-Jackson, G to 21 St/Van Alst, E/V to 23rd/Ely. By Bus the B61 to 11th St & Jackson Ave or Q67 to Jackson Ave and 46th Ave.http://creeklic.com/directions/

* The Dynasty Buster is our recommended minimum contribution!  It's a mere $1 for every year a Peter Vallone, Jr. has been in office in Astoria. 

Relations making Relator

**New Music Video Release**
"Relator" Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson video released today. 
Well why should we care Miss Wit?  

A) Drop and kick us if it ain't a purty catchy tune, bound to be embedded in your head after one listen
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