Generation O, will...

Those lucky little ducks! Oh to be born in 2008 and beyond, how hopeful. how tumultuous.   It won't be easy - but there will be so many great things they will inherently know, and not know!

What are your thoughts, what will be great about this new generation? Comments. Please?
  • Their first word will be hope
  • They'll believe they can do anything with hard work
  • They just might revere community 
  • They will never know from a Bush administration 
  • They will never know from a VHS
  • They will know the history which brought them to believe
  • They will appreciate the flow of complete and thought out sentences.
  • They will demand hypo allergenic shelter puppies......

Toddler tees and onesies available,  from Miss Wit
Miss Wit's niece, one of those lucky babes 11.9.08

It's Sale Time

You are cordially invited.


For an Obama Victory and Action Sale
Guiltless Shopping

10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Amy Watkins' Scholarship*

Looking to the Future it Will Be Quite a Race in 2052

Here's to the babies of Miss Wit. Well we mean, not her babies, 
but the babies out there, draped in Miss Wit onesies.  Did I miss your precious one? 
Email your pix!

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Calling All Palin Wearers!

So, who were you for Halloween? We want to know! Were you one of the mavericks who wore your Palin shirt out?

Miss Wit took a "controversial route" out the door, and well, in the liberal state of Brooklyn, it certainly was a huge hit!  Turns out people really like a fake pregnant costume, with a subversive Palin comment on it!.  A man even held the subway door open for her!

Send Miss Wit your photos, get famous, on the blog :).