We Get Around

All over town down on to Australia, Germany, England, New Zealand and Japan! we've heard of sitings of this "musical phenom tee" It's wild!  And now, that's right that's heart throb to the little Miss circa 1984 as  Blackie Parrish on beloved General Hospital, John Stamos, wearing the Beach Boys mash up tee as he tours as drummer with... the Beach Boys.  We sent some tees to our lovely new touring sound man friend and apparently they dig.  Humbled as always.

John Stamos on drums in his Mash Up Tee misswit.net

And the word from our new Beach Boy sound man :) friend is that the screenwriter for a new Beach Boys movie likes to wear the "Beach Boys Early Song Topics" Venn Diagram tee, originally created by illustrator Dan Meth, for inspiration!  That makes our day!