Fundraising in Style Two Save the Date

An original shopping event featuring over a dozen of NYC's independent designers. 40-80% off retail prices with a portion of all proceeds benefiting FAB's programs for artists.

$3 at the door or free online with reservation:

DJ sets while you shop!
Free refreshments and sangria!
Raffle entry with FABulous prizes!

Date: Saturday, May 16, 2009

Time: 12:00pm - 4:30pm

Location: Teatro Circulo
64 East 4th Street 
New York, NY

Your Very Own Stimulus Bill

On Behalf of the 
One Hundred Eleventh Congress -
Miss Wit introduces
your piece of the pot...Your very Own...

Wear him well,  carry him around - your very own supplemental appropriations guy!

Sure to make you smile during these recessional times!

Made from a GRASS! What could be more eco friendly than that?
Bamboo Fiber Tees

For your Earth Day Celebrations

You are already Eco Friendly now get EGO Friendly too!

Fun and Green all in one!

Sparks is Really His Name

Okay okay this blog has been slow to form an identity, how about a plug?

This weekend at the indoor pop up market, over in, or rather under in, or rather over at - anyway, in Dumbo (down under the manhattan bridge over pass), amidst the rainy Saturday, into the spry Easter Sunday, Miss Wit was quite taken by a sparkle of light in her view  - past the dj stand, beyond the antique kitchen torture devices, uh er antique kitchen utensils - these handcrafted ( in the least over used, underused - use of the word)  she sees these, annealed wired, vintage glass prismed, glass beaded, one of a kind, chandeliers!  

She moisied on over to have a look.  "Ewww those are absolutely gorgeous," she says.  "Why thank you" he says.  "Hey what does one do when they have to go to the bathroom at this thing?"  he asks.  Well she says, you run along across the street, and one of your neighbors keeps an eye out."  "Why thank you!" he says.

As this humbled ever so talented man runs off -  she gawks and awes some more.  Hmm she'd have to upgrade everything she owned to have such a delicate pretty thing.   She requires so little, but oh to have one of these to feast under and feast her eyes on...   She picks up his card off the table, maybe someday, - Johnny Sparks!  It can't be, it can not be his real name, can it?  

Indeed, said talented man returns.  She inquires with serendipitous joy, and indeed it is his real name.  Was he born, destined to spark light in this way?  If you look up close, one  might have to say - "Why yes, dear Watson."

Check out Johnny Sparks at  

Opening Day Ain't Just for Baseball

While NYC is over-populated with Stadiums and schemes for arenas these days ( don't get her started), - April 18th marks the the re-opening day for the Brooklyn Outdoor Flea. We've been training all winter - and  now we're dusting off the tents, busting out the wind breakers, checking the weather reports to see if it is safe outside.

Mark your calendars, 'as a Miss Wit therapist friend says "we're Americans we'll never stop shopping!"