The Urban Meadow Strikes Back

This week Miss Wit's custom printed tee love goes out to those green space lovin' urban dwellers at the Brookyn- Columbia Waterfront District - Red Hook  community garden Urban Meadow.  

Once a vacant corner, on the corner of President and Van Brunt with an almost 20 year battled past of local flavored efforts, now a lush and lively community garden (pasture if you will), green and replete with a view of those thingies you see along Red Hook that some say  were the inspiration for the AT AT thingies in the Empire Strikes Back. (But Miss Wit could be absolutely completely wrong about that non factual part, but this is a just a blog by a semi-fictional witizen so she can make it up).

Understanding that basic formula that "everybody loves tees" they came up with the idea to make some tees, with a great design and sell 'em, to raise funds!

And so they did - a great design indeed.  

And fabulous events they do indeed hold: family friendly, art shows, jazz concerts, wacky wholesome goodness - often chronicled on the blog The Word on Columbia Street (by C0-President of the Urban Meadow).  
Images below courtesy of TWOCS blog)

Cookies Cd's and tees!

LEARN MORE ABOUT URBAN MEADOW  &  HOW to purchase your Shirt Go  HERE:

Or just get on over and visit for yourself! 

GreeNow is Power for The People

Oh Facebook you rascal you, the embodiment of both good and evil.  In the "good" category, we get to get reacquainted with old friends. 

Sure, sure maybe if we had really wanted to find that person we might have searched long ago, but really, come on why be so hard on ourselves?  Is it so wrong to have found a catalyst, a conduit to broaden, "rebroaden" our connections? Nah.  The only thing more annoying, is the waxing poetic about it. So, on with the show.

In the good category - you find those folks you were always fond of and whatever man, sh*t happens.  
You find them again, you stalk them a bit, and ya know, good sh*t happens!
And then you learn about all the amazing things they've done, how they blossom and all that good stuff.  Then, if you are Miss Wit, you get to make custom t-shirts with them!

Enter  Executive Team Honcho Aaron Levinthal and GreeNow
"Setting a precedent for environmental best practices within the events industry." 

GreeNow creates a mind explosion of event production, business acumen and pure biodiesel 
green goodness.  Ain't no environmental lip-service!

In their own words:  
The Intersection of Business and Environmental Responsibility

It’s pretty straightforward: Events use huge amounts of power and power has a huge environmental cost. Consumers and sponsors are clamoring for smart environmental practices and businesses are in a position where they must respond. The events industry is taking small steps in the right direction. Carbon credits, soy-based ink and recycling are held up as examples of all the good we’re doing, but these fixes are a drop in the ocean for an event’s carbon footprint.

We need to think about power.

Currently there is a push in the power industry to “go green,” yet the industry standard is “80/20” -20% biodiesel to 80% diesel. GreeNow is setting a new precedent by providing equipment that uses B100 (Pure Biodiesel), all but eliminating the environmental impact of producing power for your events. This level of responsibility is good. That’s a win for the sponsor, a win for the environment and a win for you.

Miss Wit was real jazzed to learn about biodiesel and to help get their marketing tees printed on 100% organic tees, made from wind powered energy sources.    Thanks GreeNow! 


Cupcakes, Fetishes, Satire and T-shirts

It's been a busy custom designed summer over here at Miss Wit headquarters (sorry we couldn't custom control the rain though!).

One of the things Miss Wit loves about doing custom shirt printing jobbies is getting to know the people and a little bit more about the projects and organizations we might never have known otherwise - from the community gardens, to the nursery school your old college friend sends his kids to!  From DanceNow to GreeNow From Sonic Union  to Unison Fetish

And so it is, that this week we introduce the CUPCAKE CADET CORPS! and their adorably, sassy, sexy and sugary mascot!  We get 'em the tees, they make the dance!


Ritual Dances of Cupcake Lust and Desire

Free Event:  Two Sundays 9/20 & 9/27 

@ 3pm & 5pm

Bleecker Playground @ West 11th 

& Bleecker Streets  NYC

Featured on the TODAY Show and, Unison Fetish - conceived by West Village-based choreographer Sue Hogan as a response to the transformation of Bleecker Street into a luxury shopping mall. 

The Cupcake Cadets parade up Bleecker Street to the Magnolia Bakery, the epicenter of the cupcake craze, and then across the street to Bleecker Playground.  Holding two cupcakes, they sing a parody of “God Bless America” that comments on the change of this section of the West Village from a quaint historical neighborhood to an upscale mall.  Once in the park, they perform a series of dances celebrating the cupcake as a cultural fetish object to music by the Art of Noise and the Comedian Harmonists.

Taste ya there!

Tees available at performances and soon, online....

** Design by Greg Couch

Image Copyright Sue Hogan

If it's Autumn In NY it Must Be DanceNow

For Miss Wit the only real salvation for the "end" of the dog days of summer - is DanceNow/NYC.

Before ever attending  DanceNow's Festival (now in it's 15th Season!), Miss Wit thought dance was for everyone else.  For those high brow tutu lovin' toe tapping over cultured so and so's ( too harsh?). 

DanceNow has opened up a world of distinctive movement, where humor meets passionate craft, where languid legs meet peppery winks, where infinite dreams move you back and forward through warm fuzziness, awe and jaw dropping, leaps and bounds.  Heck, DanceNow has made MissWit the anti-snobbed snob's snob!
SNIC by Mattew-Karas, performs during The Festival on September 8, 2009
Today MissWit stands as a proud Media Sponsor!
It is with teary eyed pleasure to have witnessed the growth of this festival.  Why heck if only she coulda been at the first 8 years!  From the evolution of these magical producers of Fraulein Maria   @ Joes' Pub to this, their 15th Season! She can't say enough good things about it. 
Hey, what else could be better to do this week? Homework? Yeah, right!

Tickets and more... 
Dates and more...

Watch The Teaser... Video

Get dazzled - But don't believe MissWit believe the "real" critics:

"Whether you're a seasoned dance-goer or have never seen a dance performance, the DanceNOW Festival is the only way to experience the awesome scope of the NYC dance scene, including the brightest, hippest, smartest, sexiest and most stunning hip hop, theater, pointe, and contemporary dance companies in NYC today..."
Maura Nguyen Donohue - The Dance Insider [1997]
A Triumph of Vision Over Common Sense"
Roslyn Sulcus, The New York Times [2008]
"As usual, Dancenow I NYC opened the fall season at Dance Theater Workshop with a message of inclusiveness."
Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice [2007]
"Eclectic ideas, vividly performed …  the opening night proved that experience counts, although youth can charm."
Hilary Ostlere, The Financial Times [2007]
"Base Camp is a well curated evening; balanced with humor and emotional depth in both new works and recreations."
Danciti, a New York City Dance Blog [2007]
"Half the fun of smorgasbord events like Dancenow/NYC is going in blind and walking out with a new artistic crush."
Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times
"Always Stellar"
Alicia Zuckerman, New York Magazine