It's Like Hollywood at Fourth Arts Block

Normally, we try not to break the veil that Miss Wit sometimes works with this alter ego character by the name of "Deborah."  But we were so proud of her receiving a "coming of age token of fame" today, the 'Brechtian" barrier must be crossed!

About a month ago she pledged through one of the greatest gift
to the arts in recent times -
She pledged to Fourth Arts Block in NYC so they could keep t
heir secret weapon part time employee  Laurel Atwell

In turn Laurel was giving out some fancy creative prizes for pledges; haikus, knitted scarves and....your name in bright chalk on the Fourth Arts Block - Block aka Manhattan's only cultural district. ( 

The Miss's alter ego, we'll call her "Deborah," again, just received her prize.
Such joy -  we imagine hand imprints in the cement can only follow.
Watch out Rudolph Valentino, Greta, all you would be's - Deborah, is on the sidewalk.

(please no rain or graffiti for at least an hour? please? )

We Awake from the Slumber to Bring you Soul Power

Oh there is simply no excuse for the lack of posting.  We salute the chronic committed blogger wholeheartedly.  Today, though, we introduce, a package deal so great, it is available no where else in the WORLD! That is right, the WORLD.

Miss Wit Designs, in conjunction with the Sony Pictures Classic DVD
Release of Soul Power, is offering the hip-est deal around.  A competitively priced
DVD AND Zaire '74 Tee Together!  It's like a happy meal with out the calories!

Get it over at

92 minutes of pure pleasure. Extras include concert clips never seen, and interviews with folks like Festival Producer Stewart Levine. (Who just so happens to be the unk of the Miss).

Get up and get down!