How Could We Miss Abstinence Only Lobby Day?

Ahhh Miss Wit was slacking in her abstinence only lobby day responsibilities, all caught up in the changes on Facebook and what not. As Jessica from reminds us, yesterday was:
March 11, 2009
"Today the National Abstinence Education Association is having their annual Capitol Hill lobby day. They're planning on meeting with legislators to ask them to continue funding ineffective, inaccurate, misleading and dangerous abstinence only education.

Amplify Your Voice has the full story and a call to action:

This is where you come in: the progressive blogosphere, the reproductive justice community, and youth advocates. We have to make sure that the NAEA's message is not the only side of the story that Congress hears tomorrow. For every lobbyist that a representative gets in their office tomorrow morning, we need 100 letters from our side to counter them.
I urge you to send this letter to your Congressperson, asking them to defund abstinence-only-until-marriage programs.

After a decade of these ineffective programs spending $1.5 billion to misinform and endanger the sexual health of countless youth, it is time to finally bring change to Washington and America.

Word. Please start writing those emails now - and send this link to your friends and ask them to do the same!"

And, how shocking to learn that Bristol and Levi are not going to make it as a couple?

Not What they Meant By Change

Okay fine, Miss Wit admits it, she has become like many, addicted to the "facebooks." But really, did they have to change the format AGAIN? She was just getting used to the other new format. How could it be better to have an option to only delete or have someone show up on your page, instead of seeing "slightly more and slightly less?"

And the highlights? WTH ( what the heck) is that? Why can't she have control over that? If you ask her, which you didn't, this is just some bizarre way to have more bizarre advertising. The other points I can't imagine. What, were the 5 gazillion people already on Facebook, not enough? They had to so called "improve it?" We mean it's not like lipstick, or tooth paste or an ipod, where constant updates to the technology are necessary. We don't know from anything else, why bother?

Like most "improvements" these days, this is not an improvement, it is just different. Miss Wit is a righty, she liked having the controls on the right. Why must they treat her like a second class, imaginary, alter ego figure with no power?   Hasn't she done so much for you already? This is the thanks?

Darn it to you Facebook, now she has to find some new way to keep tags on her 3242 friends!