What's Happening Now!
In Frenum Perturbatio Deficio We Trust.

Never one to shy away from the snarky political commentary - the little Miss has taken on, in her own way, the "Palin Threat."

In just two short weeks, Miss Wit, has caused a bit of a stir with the latest design.
Get out your latin/english dictionary.

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Greetings and Salutations

Friends, Voters, Cotton Lovers, Bamboo Lovers, Beauty and Wit Lovers:

Welcome to the new, bloggy type thingy from that adorable little alter-ego  Miss Wit.
The alter- ego, of the alter-ego Miss Wit Designs - MissWiticisms 
What will you find here?

Miss Wit, mostly promises to update this bloggy thing, at least once a week (probably more, after all she is a wordy little beast!).
  • New Shirts - Not yet available to the public
  • Opinion Polls -  Help Miss Wit decide if she should continue further on a design
  • Random Rants -  Yes, finally let her just babble away!
  • Local Sales -  Live appearances in the Tri-State area!
  • Your Photos-  Got a picture of you and your pals wearing Miss Wit tees? Send em along, she'll post em!
  • General Spill over from the Miss Wit Designs website!
  • Community -  Feel free to comment ( be kind or constructive) - share with friends, enjoy...