Last Minute Shopping Rewards.
But No Pictures Please!

One more week  and weekend  (for the New Yawlkas) to get these disgustingly awesome and affordable goods, that provide the sweetest little sentiments for your loved ones and office mates, who you probably really like, but maybe don't "love" per say.
Or...maybe you do! 

Come to the 
Saturday Dec. 20 & Sunday Dec. 21
11am to 7pm
Food    Music    Fun   Cool Stuffs from Indie Market Types like Miss Wit
Coffee, Beer, Wine Oh  my!

227 4th Avenue, between Union and President Streets, Park Slope
About 10 steps from the R train @ Union
Follow that old bath house smell....

TRAIN: R train at Union St, in Park Slope. We are right atop the station.
15 minutes from Lower Manhattan! So easy. Click here for a subway map

Organizers Like to Party All the Time

This just in from Miss Wit's top recruiter Helen Shirley Ho,  one of the top 15 Innovators in Queens!  sporting her Community Organizer tee.  (Get us a link Miss Helen and we'll post it !!)  Organizing over 400 Green folks for drinks and relations in Queens every month - The Queens Green Drinks group, these community minded kids like to get down, get green and whoop it up.     

Incidentally for you Brooklyn, Manhattan ( or other state centric folks) Queens is like almost the second coolest borough in NYC.  And by cool we don't mean hip, we mean full of people like Helen (although no one is really like Helen, a gal who composts in her city living apartment kitchen and makes compost cookies for all)  hail from there!

Check them out.  Cute and all activisty! 

Helen Writes: 
Emmanuel Fuentebella. I think he was a part of the student rights movement at it's inception at Berkeley back in the day. Now, he's a part of my group the Transportation Alternatives Queens Committee and works in the film industry.

I'm a Big Fan of Your Work

Lately, Miss Wit meets up with a friend or two, and someone feels a little blue,
they are down: be it work, the economy, the war,
the convergence of every story you hear on NPR from 6am to 9am, some jerk they are dealing with,
this and that, or be it Bloomberg's idiotic, non-human factoring, cutting of services to seniors ( sigh, I digress).
And then I whip out the Big Fan tee for them - and for a moment, a smile.
(okay fine it was for their birthday but like the scenarios are real)
It won't save the world, or the senior centers, sadly - but it will make your friend feel better, if but for a moment.

What better gift than this for your favorite co-worker, special friend, all around pal of yours?

For all things under $25

Check out The Miss at these fine Locations in the upcoming weeks.
Online always - shop in your jammies

The Market NYC
Emerging New Designers Market
Saturday Dec. 13
490 Hudson Street / NYC

The Brooklyn Flea
Sunday Dec. 14
If the temp is above 41degrees check us out one
last weekend until Spring Re-Awakes
The Brave The Strong The Committed Outside!
Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Fort Greene, Brooklyn,
on Lafayette Ave. between Clermont and Vanderbilt Ave.

The Brooklyn Lyceum
First Annual Holiday Gift Show
Saturday & Sunday Dec 20 and 21
Union @ 4th Avenue
steps from The R Train

Holiday's Schmolidays

Look - Times are hard, there is no 2 or 3 ways around it. 
Miss Wit ain't gonna lie, shopping is not her favorite thing either.  

But look, she's got tees, and she's got em cheap.  And guess what?  
Miss Wit really does have a little something for everyone.  It is not just an empty phrase she throws around like dirty jeans to the living room floor.  No sir!

There is a tee with a sentiment for just about anyone.  And, if you don't see one, she can make one.  
Like whatever phrase uncle Louie loves to say, 
slap it on a tee.   
Ha ha funny, thoughtful gift for under $20!

I (I = Miss Wit) means this little pisher can't get enough of her custom onesies!

Your item (perhaps will look expensive, but will be most likely under $20!)

It's like the question Miss Wit always asks when she enters a new wine shop, looking for something to bring to a nice dinner perhaps.

"um hello, excuse me, can you point me towards your cheapest most expensive looking wine?"

That is how MIss Wit can help you.  
Miss Wit promises that she will start to post something a little bit more fun and funny here. She'll try at least.

So if you are in the NY Metropolitan Area check her out live at these fine, local markets! Indoors!  
Saturdays, Sundays
Border of Clinton Hill & Bedford Avenue
999 Bedford Avenue

How to get there: Take the 7 train to 45 Road-Courthouse Square, transfer to the G train and stop at Bedford-Nostrand Avenues. Exit near the intersection of Lafayette Ave and Bedford Ave. (Bedford Flea Market, 999 Bedford Ave., at Lafayette Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant