Designers Take on Economic Downturn



NYC February 2009: The current economic downturn has been hard on non-profits, independent designers and fashion divas alike! Fundraising-In-Style a newly formed organization, launches a great way to join forces so everybody wins. This launch party, just in time for Valentine’s Day, kicks-off a series of fun, distinctively organized, wallet stretching, discount shopping events - matching established and emerging independent designers with New York City non-profits and consumers looking to stretch their dollars.

Fourth Arts Block (FAB) Manhattan’s only cultural district, is the first host and beneficiary of this shopping event - with 10% of all sales to aid in the development of theater, dance and music in this most exciting gem of New York City’s East Village – The East 4th Street Cultural District.

The convergence of fun takes place in the generously donated space
New York Theater Workshop 79 East 4th Street
Thursday, February 5, 2009 5:30pm to 9pm

The goods include stylish clothing and accessories by more than a dozen designers that usually sell in high-end boutiques, original artwork, and heart warming hot chocolate from 4th Street’s own Bond Street Chocolate. And, all guests receive a free FAB Pass for discount access to shows in the East 4th Street Cultural District, the year long! Don’t miss this chance to eat, drink, mingle, shop, learn about this vibrant East Village mainstay and help relieve NYC artists from our economic slump! (

Participants: Lara Kazan, Bellissimma, Frida’s Closet designed by Sandra Paez, MissWit Deborah Goldstein, Ditu designed by Layla Abramowitz, Meiling Chen, Leo Works designed by Nicole Gagne, Judith Haas and artist, Mauro Baiocco.

About Fundraising in Style: Designers take matters in to their own hands and create a series of shopping events that work in today’s economic climate. What could be a better way to encourage people to shop then to have a fun evening with music, drinks, and high-end clothing and accessories at discounted prices, while simultaneously supporting a great cause? Fundraise-in-Style plans on doing similar events throughout the year with different non-profit organizations in a variety of venues so that shoppers from all over the city have a chance to purchase both their spring and fall collections at wallet friendly prices. We will keep you posted on our upcoming events.

Reflection on Election Reflections

Miss Wit is excited to be part of an exhibit in Chicago called Dispatch  in mid February that takes note to the validity, if you will, of the t-shirt as a form of expression, protest if you will. 

While working on  a statement about the motivation to make an "anti -palin" shirt, again, if you will. The Miss flittered through the email box, and was reminded of a few visceral moments - and her own response to the most "Lord of the Flies" night of the RNC.  Indeed she is dust in the wind....
See below....

Happy MLK Day, Happy Inauguration Day. Dreams Dreams Dreams...

Sept 4, 2008

I know I know too much politics, too many emails. But if you watched even a second of the RNC last night, you too may be feeling a similar outrage. After two minutes of hearing Mitt and Huck last night, among other things (like my blood boiling over) I walked over to the computer, and sent a donation to Obama's campaign. Again.

Last night was like Lord of the Flies at the RNC - chaos with the conch! By the end of Giuliani's speech alone - whether disguised or out right, he and the room (a "community" of sorts one might argue) out right laughed at community organizing and thus in essence - regular folks, the marginalized and minority groups alike - inspired chants of "drill now, drill now" and essentially cut off and slung insults at I dare say more than half the country's population in one way or another! I am offended, to the core.

That was before Palin's smug, sneering, self righteous person- even took the stage. She may be a woman, but she smells of old boys club, more than the old boy's club locker room! Then, she too bashed the notion of community organizing as a legit practice, as if organizing and community and the people were not the very foundation that this country of America she wants to defend, was built on. And yet what of her special needs child that she paraded out last night? (Her family is your business when she says so!). How does Palin think children and families have gained policies, rights and assistance, if not through community organizing? How did women get the right to vote, if not by community organizing? What exactly does she think the PTA is or even Hockey Moms for that matter? News flash - communities, organized! How did the RNC gather ( sigh) those people last night, if not through community organizing?

The over all insult, the disgusting bash is that in one foul swoop, she insulted the history of this country, she insulted labor rights, she insulted the right of the voiceless to gather and fight through opaque politics. She insulted the meaning of the word they keep saying in vain - change! Sure, she insulted Barack, in the most pathetic examples, and mostly in response to criticisms the media has given her, not his campaign! However, and more importantly, she insulted the voice of the American people. She insulted the struggles and triumphs of millions of people through current life and history. What happened to a thousand points of light?

News Flash to Palin - one of your very party leaders in his inaugural address said this:
"I have spoken of a thousand points of light, of all the community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the Nation, doing good. We will work hand in hand, encouraging, sometimes leading, sometimes being led, rewarding. We will work on this in the White House, in the Cabinet agencies" (GB 1989)"

Mostly Live Golden Globe Status Updates

Miss had a little fun last night watching the Golden Globes (the mini Oscars with alcohol!) - while being wrangled by her publicist and private DJ.... twitter schmitter.

Below is the culmination of immediate reactions to last night's Golden Globes (the Orange Bowl of Celebrity Gossip? Our Superbowl? Escape from the reality of CNN?) Miss Wit via the facebooks.
We make no attempt to even come close to the genius award musings of Johnny Lopez

In fact, Miss Wit is giddy with excitement, practically immobilized, waiting to receive the annual award write up from the real king of gossip (no not you perez) Johnny Lopez!   

Until then...the MW feeble attempt.
  • MW is    going to get wrangled by her publicist 4:32pm
  • MW is   Sting done, Lopez fire stylist, Winslet craps Gold for sure! We could twitter the crap outta this show! 8:14pm 
  • DG comments: Was a spinster just up for an award?!
  • MW is   shhh Johnny Depp is speaking!! Emma gawgeous, Meryl always, Sally eat something!
  • MW is  the Monet is starting to hit, my kingdom for Sharon Stone! Ohhhh Jake! 8:51pm
  • MW is  here comes a good crazy substitute DREW, love you but really that hair?!8:53pm
  • MW is  Demi Moore Bitch Mom of the Year Award. 8:57pm
  • MW is  popping an award show wergin. 9:01pm
  • MW is  twittering from her publicists office, can't talk. Love ya mean it. 9:17pm
  • MW is Brad pay attention that was for Slum Dog best screenplay. Signing off for two zuzim, Chad Gadya! 9:21pm
  • MW is  I take it back. Tony Shalub, was finally robbed! Wha? Oh Renee there is no greater crazy. 9:30pm
  • MW is Glen Close don't dress your age please! She got lost on the way to her daughter's Bat Mitzvah 9:34pm
  • MW is  oooo I wanna sit at the entourage table. 9:35pm
  • MW is channeling Julia Philips as the bad boys of cinema get their awards. 10:05pm
  • MW  got the dj he's singing the award show theme song! He's all mine! 10:09pm
  • MW is Leo I love you. Please smile. 10:19pm 
  • MW is was sasha baron just scorned from hollywood? Who cares he's hot. 10:33pm
  • MW is oh the hottest of em all Marky Mark. Oh Kate the awards favorite..... 10:39pm
  • MW is  not for nothing but Matt Weiner once said she was funny. 10:45pm
  • MW is this is the moment we have all been waiting for. The resurrection. 10:52pm

And I Want to Thank Harvey Weinstein - A blast from our past.

Happy belated New Year friends!  As Miss Wit slowly wakes from an elongated holiday hybernation - the cotton (or bamboo as it were) grist mills are gearing up, so you can gear up come spring!

Yesterday we were reminded of a little anniversary - not to the date, but to the award show.   You see Miss Wit was spawned whilst watching the 2003 ( gulp yes 2003) Golden Globes.   

Visit this "Vintage Page" from the very first day of Miss Wit's life....

And here is what the critical fans said back then...

"Um, it looks kinda homemade"

"oh my gawd, if Harvey sees that, he'll kick your arse"

"Fred (Ebb!) roared with laughter when I presented him with the t-shirt on Oscar night. It was the hit of the party!" - Jim Caruso Actor

"Your fonts are totally lame." To which MissWit responds -- "duh!"

"isn't that a bit too 'inside' ?"

"I just got it...I loved it!!! hows it going? are you selling them?
IT WAS BETTER THAN i thought it would be. not really sure why. " Tony Bui, Filmmaker.
"ooo maybe LEO will want one!!!!! " MissWit

"Nice lookin' shirt" E! News Anchor guy

And, the number one favorite line so far about the t-shirts...