Product Placement in Glastonbury

Check out Jamie Cullum in his Zaire '74 Soul Power tee, as he pays tribute to MJ - with a version of Thriller.

I wanna rock with you.

"I'll Let You Get Back to Being Fabulous" From the Fan Mail Department

All the Miss can say is wow.  Once again world domination via the t-shirt can be a, well, a sometimes lonely operation.  You hold steady, trying to fight the good fight. It's just a silly t-shirt you say. Or you think.  Your public is stretched across the universe.  Somehow they are touched and amazingly respectful of,  your irreverence.  Maybe I'll have to hand deliver the next one to this devoted fan....all the way to Australia.  "I'll let YOU get back to being fabulous!"

Thanks K - you made Miss Wit's day.

"Dear Miss Wit 
That tshirt was fantastic.  Evereyone loved it, especially me.  Some people didnt get it, but once i explained it, they were like omg where can i get one.  Im sorry to say i was a little hesitant to give them your details (even tho i did) because i didnt want everyone to have the same as me, i love that it is original and you cant see 10 people walking past you in the exact same tshirt. 

You are truly amazing and you have a fan for life.  Even my son wants a "holding steady" tshirt now,  he was like do they have mens sizes, get me one, its so cool.  Everyone i have met back in australia has commented on it.

Like i said, im a fan and feel free to use me as a satisfied customer or feedback if needed, although once people get your tshirts, no encouragement is needed, the product speaks for itself, sassy, savvy and oh so good. 

Im back in australia now and im patiently waiting on the other one,  i know it will be well worth the wait so im not fussed.  

 I just dont want everyone to have the tshirts i have. i love the exclusiveness of them.  Although having said that, they would be fabulous to give away as a gift for women who visit my website or purchase a product from you got me thinking.

Ok ill let you get back to being fabulous, have a wonderful day and thank you.  Im usually not a tshirt girl, but you have converted me :)

K" Love You!

In this economy a plug of praise can be rewarding! 
Muwahhaha everything is mostly falling into place, the Mizz abode is once again a wearhouse of the tallest order.  She don't let minor hallway leaks from the 15th day of rain in June get in the way of her good time. (Well maybe for a few minutes. ) Stolen tees from the car? No Way, so what!  Nasty reprehensible market organizers? forgettaboutit. We choose to remain sunny!
And the Zaire '74 shirts after much coordination, a few sleepless nights, are looking mighty fab!

Did the Miss mention that each Soul Power Zaire '74 shirt you order comes with a nifty nifty hang tag?  Heck yeah it does!  Designed in that witicism collaborative 
way with none other than the head of state of the Superba Graphics Shed Scott Turner!   LIKE ( Scott despises the use of the word like, which of course means Miss Wit can't quite stop saying it). 

Anyway, like one side is straight up Zaire '74 logo action. You can like put it on your bulletin board at work, or home or, or like on your fridge with the proper magnetization instrument or like use it as a bookmark even! 
The other side, also has all those uses but like also gives a little synopsis of SOUL POWER and if you look real close you will find a ghostly image if you will of Bill Withers, circa 1974.

Why go on about the tag?  Well first off, if the Miss gives a little plug to the darn fine deserving of the plug, printers of said hang tag, they will give the Miss a discount on the next order.  Hey just being honest!  Hey it is a good idea on their part. Hey, just to say hey!  
Why not?  They are in fact great.  When praise is due the  Miss loves to give it!   And honestly, when one is trying to create world domination through t-shirts, one might imagine many a foul up can happen!  Not so, nuh uh, not with  Did you catch it? FOURTY EIGHT HOUR PRINTDOT COM  

MissWit has been using their on line printing service for quite some time.  Upload, proof it, click and not like 48 hours later but rather 48 hours later your items are shipped!  It is not easy to find such a dependable well done job, in, you guessed it 48hours (  

Those who know the Miss a little bit more intimately, may recall she is known for "writing letters," usually of the "dear customer service I would like to make the following complaint about such and such."  No way with  Nothing but completely satisfied!
On a scale of 1 to 48 , 48 being the best - they get a 48.  Seriously.  For all your printing needs from postcards to....well just check em out.  

And, check em out! 

Some how even after spending twenty gazillion hours on one email, the Miss manages to leave out the actual punch line.
We gonna go in ZEE AIR to ZAIRE!   (click for announcement)

( She first wrote The air to zaire as if that is even funny!)

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