A Few Days in the Life - In Pictures

Oiy just burned lunch!
A few days in the life of a homespun empire mwahhhaah at holiday time.
in 8 part picture harmony....

Woodstock New York Holiday Fair Saturday

For our upstate NY friends, check out this fab holiday market - local artisans for all your holiday "needs."  Brooklyn ain't the only game in town!

And be sure to check out friend and fellow t-shirt maven (and accessories and more...) designer Alison Tauber  .

Oh sure they met first with sneers when placed right next to each other more than once at some markets.  "egads,  not another t-shirt gal right next to me!"
Ah but that didn't last long - The Miss and Tauber are too swell for such pettiness!

Designed and hand printed by Alison, we likes 'em!
gossamer long sleeve t-shirtfloral medallion t-shirtfloral medallion scarf

2nd Annual Brooklyn Lyceum Holiday Market This Weekend

We loves us some Lyceum - good vibe, good folks, good affordable goods - and semi close to home!

Check out Miss Wit Sat. and Sun. December 19 & 20 at the
Second Annual Brooklyn Lyceum "last minute" Shopping Market
Food. Drink. Stuff.

Zaire '74 Merchandise and Soul Power DVD Street Date 1/26/10

Soon, you can funk it up in your own living room.  SOUL POWER DVD release slated for January 26, 2010.

Miss Wit Designs exclusive merchandise insert and coupon.

For Immediate Release:

A Whole lot of Miss's Going On!

A few years back, whilst still in graduate school for social work - the miss went on a group bus trip to Washington DC for the March for Women's Lives.  It was one of those 6am on the bus kind of deals.  The Miss's co-intern organized the bus, and the Miss even stayed up all night helping another friend  who was the caterer, make sandwiches.

Finally on the bus she finds her self sitting next to a woman who she kinda sorta does not really know from school. It's a blur now, that line between that untimeable time when people move from strangers to friends. Anyhoo - they start to chattin' as a gaggle of social work folks on a bus for 5 hours are want to do!   "Oh what did you do before grad school?" that kind of a thing.  And so the ping pong match of coincidental "you toos" ensues.

You worked in film?  I worked in film.   You took a class before starting the program? I took a class before starting a program.  You like sarcasm? Wait a minute!  Wait you make t-shirts? Ha, I used to make t-shirts. Wait, the name of your line is "Miss Wit?" Wait a frickin' minute, my line was called "Miss Shanghai"
Next thing ya know it's raining Misses'

Needless to say the parallels just had to keep them together as friends!!  And so it is with great joy -  in the vain of "bringing 'olde' good things back to life" that  Miss Wit has been graced with the pleasure to bring back MIss Shanghai in freakin' cute kiddie form!

LIterally hot off the heat presses.  Gorgeously printed old school heat transfers, dug up from the Brooklyn closets of Miss Shanghai herself - and hot pressed by the Miss W - we introduce these insanely vibrantly colored Chinese imagery inspired, onesies.  Miss Wit would give almost anything to be able to wear one!!  Bring out yer babies!

Released and available this weekend Dec. 4/5/6 at the 
Bowery Bazaar  in NYC 351 Bowery @ East 4th Street
and  Dec. 9-13 at the 
Brooklyn Flea Gifted Market - in Manhattan  in the old Tower Records 
@ Lafayette and East 4th