Special Eyes

We have no association to 1800contacts, or the makers of this commercial ( we do wear contacts and have special eyes) but this commercial for reasons known and unknown, cracks Miss Wit up!

Miss Wit Out of Hibernation

Here comes the sun.....doo doo doooo

This weekend the Miss is bustin' out the old Chinatown bags and settin' up shop back to her Brooklyn roots. That is to say, Smith Street, where little Miss was, ehem, conceived back in March 2003,  before "indie" was in, back when "the flea" conjured thoughts of creepy crawlers.  Nostalgia. Once an empty lot, no more.

Come say hi to moi- at the 
Brooklyn Indie Market on Smith Street 
@ Union St. Brooklyn
Sat April 24 and Sun April 25
Under the red and white tent, across from the Fall Cafe 
(where many a grad school paper was written, and t-shirt ideas developed!)

Some things you'll find this weekend 

And Miss Wit will be back out in full glorified force
Sat May 1 and Sun May 2
for the Food, Craft and Workshop  Extravaganza
the Brooklyn Lyceum
227 4th Avenue @ Union
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Tuesday May 20
Book Launch Party @ the Chelsea Market 
Author of Markets of New York City - Guide
By Author and Blogger Karen Seiger

Miss Wit is one of 5 featured vendors at this Manhattan Book Launch 
of Markets of New York City - A Guide
The Chelsea Market


Sat May 22 one of the featured designers 
Celebrate Handmade Brooklyn with Markets of New York City 
at the Brooklyn Indie Market
Hosted by Karen Seiger 
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Markets Of New York City Guidebook

And for updates and deets

Reverse Mohawk Anyone? Limited Edition Tees

Introducing, another fun collaboration with Brooklyn Based artist Christina Mazzalupo who just closed up a month long exhibit at Mixed Greens Gallery in NYC.

This time XT (as those who adore her get to call her) takes her skillful chart making abilities to the realm of the funnies.
Hair, even as it may disappear from your head,
is one of the most "evolve-alutionary" forms of expression a human can have.

The finest form of self expression an eight part study.   
Types of Hairstyles
Available LIVE from Miss Wit at these fine Outpost Locations - and coming oh so soon, on our new and improved site! ( So close, so close). Until then - get off your bum NY - and get them here!

Available:  The Brooklyn Indie Market on Smith & Unioin
Miss Wit returns to the street of her conception - Smith Street!
Sat and Sun April 24 and 25


Brooklyn Lyceum Food & Craft and Workshop Market
Sat and Sun May 1 and 2
Shop for mom, learn how to make ginger beer!!

No Matter How You Take It

A home is a home.

Kudos to the strength, persistence and steadfast advocates for justice:
The remaining displaced of the Atlantic Yards ground taking...

Home: 38 Sixth Avenue, Barclays Center Arena Footprint

This mural is at 38 6th Avenue. The home would be demolished to build Mikhail Prokhorov's and Bruce Ratner's Barclays Center arena. Its residents would be displaced for that money-losing arena proposed to be built in the middle of a housing crisis.

There are paint markers at Freddy's Bar and Backroom for others to add thoughts, names, or whatever else as illustrated below: